Consider it done.

We help with your website, graphic design work, marketing strategy, social media management and more


We believe that you don’t need to reinvent the wheel

We understand your needs and come up with time/cost effective–to the point solutions.

What we do?

Digital & Interactive

  • Web and Mobile App design & development
  • E-commerce
  • Animation
  • Static/Interactive Banners
  • E-mail Marketing design, development & deployment

Marketing & Strategy

  • Strategy Development
  • Content Marketing
  • Ad Network Management
  • Infographics
  • Video Production
  • Newsletters & Blogs

SEO & Social Media

  • Content Creation
  • Strategy
  • Design
  • SEO Implementation

Print Design

  • Direct Mails
  • Print Ads
  • Corporate Print Materials
  • Promotional Product Design


Meet the team

Hello, we are Done.


From digital marketing and traditional advertising to mobile, and ecommerce design and development, we apply design thinking to businesses to create winning brands.


We understand your needs and come up with cost-effective, focused solutions. When it’s best for you, we customize existing tools rather than reinvent the wheel. With our experienced team, we create solutions to fit your budget, bring in new customers and impact your bottom line.


C’mon! Let’s create something.


  • Ozzy Oz
    Ozzy Oz Creative Director
  • Eva Uzun
    Eva Uzun Director/Producer
  • Joe Rosenberg
    Joe Rosenberg Developer


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